Essays and Op Pieces by Robert Bruegmann

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Essays and Op Ed Pieces by Robert Bruegmann

“Hate Freeways?  You Aren’t Doing your City Any Favors,” in Bloomberg View, Apr. 11, 2012.

”Driverless car could defy the rules of Sprawl” Bloomberg view, Feb. 21, 2012, republished in numerous newspapers worldwide. (PDF file)

“Housing Affordability and Public Policy” for annual affordability review and republished in, Jan. 26, 2012 (PDF file)

“Moving out in Madrid,” in Room for Debate,, June 28, 2011

Letter to the Editor, in New York Times, Dec. 5, 2011

"The Ambiguous Triumph of the Urban" in, Sept. 13, 2011 (PDF file)

Driving Works for Section on Commuting,, 29 July 2008. (Word doc)

Short essay for How should we be thinking about urbanization? A
Freakonomics Quorum, Dec. 11, 2007
(PDF file)

“Dust-Up” Five part debate with Gloria Ohland in the LA Times, June
18-22, 2007
(PDF file)

“In Defense of Sprawl”, June 11, 2007
(PDF file)

Interview with Ellis Woodman in Cities: Architecture and Society in
10th Annual Venice Biennale, 2006
(PDF file)

"Urban Myths: Sprawl gets a bad press but it has given us privacy,
mobility and choice," in The Guardian (London) Jan. 28, 2006
(PDF file)

“How Sprawl Got a Bad Name,” American Enterprise, June, 2006 (PDF file)

"Poor Misunderstood Sprawl," in New York Times, July 9, 2006

"Gridlock, schmidlock: LA traffic isn’t as bad as you think," in Los
Angeles Times, July 9, 2006

L.A., the King of Sprawl? Not at all. Los Angeles Times, Oct. 23, 2005
(PDF file)

"The End of Cities: An Urban Legend," Washington Post, Outlook Section,
Nov. 25, 2001, p. 2.

"Exurbanization and Gentrification: How the Two patterns have been linked since the beginning of urban history," in the Next American City, issue 11, 2006